we’re delighted that you’re thinking about a humanist ceremony to celebrate your love and life together.

We believe that marriage and civil partnerships are based on mutual love and respect.  We also know that every couple is different and that is why our ceremonies are unique and personal.  Humanist ceremonies can take place indoors or outdoors, they can be simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary.  They usually include readings, music and an exchange of rings but can also include symbolic gestures, like hand fasting.

Whatever you want to do the choice is yours.  It’s your love, your life together and your ceremony.

Whatever you decide on, your AHC Registered Celebrant will work with you to create your perfect ceremony.  One of the many benefits of a humanist ceremony is that you are involved in the writing of it.  That means that on your special day the ceremony is a true reflection of your commitment to each other.  Your celebrant will share your story and words with those celebrating with you; it really is as unique as the love you share.

Naming Ceremony Symbolic Gestures

Your Naming ceremony will be personal and meaningful to your family regardless of what elements you choose to have as part of your ceremony. This guide will give you lots of naming ceremony ideas for your family’s special day. Here are some of the most popular symbolic gestures and you are, of course, welcome to come up with your own ideas too.

Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremonies are used to symbolize union. To formalise the promises you make you can choose to do a sand ceremony. The unique colours of sand represent each individuals’ unique qualities, and adding the sand to the jar represents their love and commitment to your child. This can include parents, grandparents, guide parents, friends and family –the choice is yours. The sand combined creates a lovely keepsake for your child and a momento of all of the support they will have in their life.

Hand, foot or finger prints

As part of the ceremony the baby/child hand and foot prints are made as a keepsake of the happy occasion. This can be done with paints or modelling clay. You can then date these, and many families will frame them as a memento of the day.

Memory Box

Parents can choose to create a memory box as part of the ceremony. It’s entirely up to you what you would like to include – memories/toys so far, a newspaper from the date of the naming/date of birth or a gift from a sibling. You can even let your guests know on the invitation, and ask them to bring something. The box is then kept to open on a significant date in the future (often an important birthday, or even on their wedding day).


We have a well trained team of Humanist Celebrants known as “Death Planners”. Our team of professionals will help you plan your death and will handle that emotional job and will definitely change the way you see death.

Certainly we make death normal and we train our celebrants help you face death as a reality of life with its guts and glory and we prepare you and your family to view death in such an open,honest and loving way.
Our professional Humanist Celebrants are well trained to talk to dying patients and older adults who are dying and we provide end of life care therapy and we help you die with dignity.

Our team is thoroughly trained to handle your funeral in a secular, non religious way you so wished.

We bring the family together to talk about anything and everything before death strikes and after the death of your loved one.
We help you talk about death early and we engage your children and family to know that we all die and its all fine and talking about death and writing a Will doesn’t in anyway make death come sooner. Death will come when it may.

We make sure that you get an affordable and trusted Lawyer to help you write a Will and we ensure that your Wishes are well respected.
We are trained to facilitate to facilitate that conversation between you and your family and you definitely make your advanced directives with their full knowledge. It’s our team that is capable of making death a joyous time.

Our team of Humanist Celebrants professionals emphasize that communicating about things even the most difficult topic like death is better than not talking about them at all.Silence about death leaves an elephant in the room and it definitely leaves a bad legacy for everyone.

We are ready to serve you. Contact us such services and we shall help you and your loved ones erase the stigma around death successfully. We help you face death with dignity and we shine the light on death. Don’t be shy,contact us today for this and more services.

It is important for a couple to live in a harmonious relationship. However, once the couple realize that they can’t move on with their relationship and need to put an end to it,we advise them to do so in the most professional manner that creates unity and harmony even in their separation or divorce.

A ceremony can be organised in a professional way to celebrate the life spent together and to announce a health point of departure. It is upon the couple to suggest how exactly they want their ceremony be and who should be part of it. This saves the couple unnecessary costs and time spent in courts of law seeking divorce. It also saves the couple from the embarrassment and hate that comes with court fights. Our legal team together with our celebrants will help the couple handle their divorce humanly putting into consideration all people involved. That’s being humane.
The video below is such a good example of a divorce organised in a humanistic way.

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